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X-Rite Announces ColorChecker Video and ColorChecker Passport Video


Breaking away from the classic 24-patch color target, X-Rite introduces two new ColorChecker products geared specifically for video shooters: the ColorChecker Video and the Color Checker Passport Video. Aimed at professionals and hobbyists alike, the new targets offer a more intuitive way to obtain accurate color balance and control of your images, from capture to edit. By offering fewer colors than classic 24-chip targets, these new targets are much easier to properly read on a vectorscope or waveform monitor, while offering an increased number of skin-tone patches to help you properly recognize hue shifts.

The ColorChecker Passport Video presents a complete and portable solution for accurate color balance and control. Packed in a pocket-size rugged hard case, the Passport Video features four unique targets: color chip, grayscale, white balance, and even a Siemens star-style focus chart. The color chip target features a chromatic row (yellow, red, magenta, blue, cyan, and blue chips) for easier color-balance checking, a range of skin tones from dark to light, linear grayscale steps, and highlight and shadow grays. The dedicated grayscale target features larger white, 40 IRE gray and black patches to help with exposure of your mid-tones, as well as align the exposure and contrast of multiple cameras.

When a larger format target is needed, X-Rite offers the ColorChecker Video. On the front target you’ll find large gray-level patches in the middle for exposure control (white, 40 IRE gray, dark gray, and black), flanked by skin tone and grayscale chips on one side and chromatic colors on the other. The chromatic colors, in contrast to the Video Passport, offer both saturated and de-saturated levels. Flip the card over and you’ll find a dedicated white-balance target.

Third-party support for the specific color targets on the ColorChecker Video and ColorChecker Passport Video color targets is planned for DaVinci Resolve by early 2016 and the Color Finale plug-in for Final Cut Pro by the end of 2015. You can, of course, use the waveform and vectorscope tools within any video editing or color grading software to enjoy the post-production workflow benefits that color and grayscale targets offer.

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On the ColorChecker Video said: "Third-party support for the specific color targets on the ColorChecker Video and ColorChecker Passport Video color targets is planned for DaVinci Resolve by early 2016" in the new version Davinci 12 is not supporting the ColorChecker Video do you guys know if newer versions will support it? Thanks 

According to information provided from Blackmagic, X-Rite Color Checker is one of our color checker chart options available in Version 12 of their DaVinci software. When you are working with a clip, you will move over to the color page, the checker chart option is second from the left in the tool bar. 

That option is for the colorchecker, not the NEW colorchecker VIDEO. 

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I contacted Blackmagic again with more clarification, they currently do not support X-Rite Color Checker Passport Video in Resolve 12.

The new XRite video is now supported ino both Lite and Studi versions of Dvinci Resolve 12.5 Open Beta.