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X-Rite ColorChecker Video and ColorChecker Passport Video


Rethinking the standard color and camera charts, X-Rite delivers new ColorChecker products geared specifically for video production, and not adapted from the print or still photo world. This allows the ColorChecker Passport Video and the ColorChecker Video to speed your production and post-production workflow, delivering more consistent results, faster, and with more time spent on creativity, as opposed to the tedious necessity of balancing the look of your footage. The ColorChecker Passport Video contains four pocket-sized test charts including white balance card, focus chart, and color chip chart. Invaluable on set, the small size allows you to easily take the charts with you even on run-and-gun shoots.

The ColorChecker Passport Video includes a white balance card, which provides you with a consistent white target to balance your camera in changing environments and a focus chart that is useful for checking focus calibration of your lenses and also for checking focus in situations with extremely shallow depth of field.  The grayscale card provides you with a single target with white, 40 IRE, and black patches, allowing you to gauge your exposure, so you can capture highlights without sacrificing shadow detail. The color chip chart breaks with traditional color charts presenting fewer random colors, instead presenting a vertical column with grayscale swatches, chroma swatches, and a range of skin tone chips, from light to dark.

The ColorChecker Video is a single larger card that combines the grayscale and color chip chart on one side, and the white target on the other. This larger card is intended for situations where you have access to a waveform monitor, such as in a studio, although you can also use it on location; the combined grayscale and color chip chart are designed to display in meaningful way, and the color chip chart matches well to a vectorscope display. Both charts can be used to calibrate cameras live or recorded for use in a variety of editing and color-correction software. So, if you are looking for simple, easy-to-use tools that can help you improve your consistency and productivity, the X-Rite ColorChecker Video and Passport Video might be just what you are looking for.