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For Your Entertainment: Grandview Projector Screens


Grandview is likely to have the screen you need in the size you want, whether it’s for mobile use, in the office, or at home. Grandview's comprehensive line of projection screens includes options from just about every projection genre—fixed-frame screens great for home theater or fixed installation setups; manual and motorized pull-down screens that keep politely out of the way when not in use; pull-up and folding portable screens for when you’re on the move; and compact screens you can deploy on top of a desk.

Cyber Integrated, Tab-Tensioned

Grandview's Cyber Integrated Tab-Tensioned motorized screens represent the top of the line. Tab-tensioning is a mechanism along each side of the screen that pulls the surface taught. This creates a more uniform viewing surface, one that tends to reflect light back at the audience rather than scatter the beam in random directions, dulling the image. The evenness of tensioning also helps sharpness by eliminating subtle variations in the projector-to-screen distance. This is especially important with today's UHD and 4K projectors, where an inferior viewing surface can noticeably impact picture quality.

Curved and Flat Fixed–Frame

Fixed-frame screens are the go-to in the high-end home theater market. This is a wall-mounted design that is basically a smaller version of the kind of screen movie theaters use. Two varieties are available: flat and curved. The Flat variety is the easiest to install, since it just needs a wall to hang from, like a painting or framed photograph. With curved models, the curved shape enhances image quality by evening out the distant light travels from the projector lens to any part of the screen. With a flat screen, the center of the screen will be closer to the lens than the edges (assuming centered projector installation), leading to slightly uneven focus. Curvature compensates geometrically for critical viewing, especially with UHD and 4K projectors. It also wraps the image around slightly, creating a more immersive viewing experience.

Super-Mobile Folding

If you need a large screen that you can pack up in a box and take on the road, a folding screen is the way to go. Screens in Grandview's Super Mobile Folding line feature a fold-and-lock assembly mechanism for fast setup and teardown. There are multiple screen attachment points to keep the surface as flat as possible, similar to a tensioning system. The screens are supported by an aluminum-alloy frame, which is designed to be robust without adding excess weight. The frame and screen surface fold up and pack away in an included transit case, making getting the screen to-and-from a breeze.

Cyber Manual

The Cyber Manual line is a perfect option for classrooms, meeting rooms, or anywhere else you want a retracting screen on a budget that doesn't allow for motorization, or you want to avoid the wiring and installation hassle of a motorized screen. These screens feature slow retraction without an abrupt "snap" up as the screen surface makes the languid journey back into its housing. You can lock the screen at any intermediate position to create a wider aspect ratio or for occasions where you don't need the entire screen. Cyber Manual screens can be mounted on the wall or hung from the ceiling as you require. Slide installation brackets allow you to get precise centering after the screen is hung. 

Cyber Manual Pull-Up

The Cyber Manual Pull-Up models are Cyber Manual wall/ceiling screens turned upside down. They feature a floor-standing, self-supporting housing from which the screen pulls up. Black fill below the reflective area serves to raise the bottom of the viewing area sufficiently from the floor for unobstructed viewing by anyone in the audience. A level adjustment allows the screen to be used even on uneven surfaces. A handle built into the top of the housing makes the screen easy to move once your screening is over. And with a pull-up, there is no bulky tripod to worry about trucking along.

U-Work Table Top

If you are looking for something a bit smaller, consider the U-Work Table-Top line. These are compact versions of the larger Cyber Manual pull-up screens designed to rest happily on a desk or table. They are ideal for pico projectors or screening from mobile devices that have a projector built in. Table-top screens give you a true projection surface up to 50" diagonally—which beats projecting off a wall—while offing a highly portable alterative to a TV or computer monitor of similar size.


Who is right for a projection screen? Just about anyone, really. Large venues, houses of worship, offices, educational institutions, home theaters, digital signage—potential users are everywhere you look. This is why Grandview offers screens in every shape and size, from compact table-top TV alternatives to large motorized screens with tab-tensioning. Once you've decided on the type of screen that's best for you, the next step is finding the right size. This requires taking into consideration your projector's throw ratio, the distance from projector to the screen and, of course, the size of the room or space in which it will be used. Grandview offers a plethora of sizes, with more coming down the pike, ensuring you'll find exactly what you're looking for.