Livestream Studio HD500: All-In-One Portable Live Production Switcher and Broadcaster


Join Livestream’s CEO, Max Haot, and Corey Behnke, Head of Global Production, for a look at how anyone with a video camera can live-stream their events. During this session, they discuss the benefits of live-streaming an event, and demonstrate two products, one for the beginner and one for the advanced video producer.

First, they demo the Livestream Broadcaster. All it takes to stream with the Broadcaster is to connect your HDMI camera, hook up with the Internet via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or 4G and press the "Go Live" button.

The Livestream Studio HD500 is a stand-alone broadcast quality live video switcher, ideal for in-venue broadcasting, live-to-tape production and network and local television programming—with or without streaming to the Web.

The presentation illustrates the benefits of live-streaming video, how to go live, and the tools one needs to produce a live multi-camera production.