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Shoot Aerial Video Like a Pro: Mastering Drone Footage with the DJI Inspire 1


B &H is pleased to host this three-part how-to on shooting with the DJI Inspire 1 and Zenmuse X3 Gimbal Camera. Produced and narrated by Sebastian Wöber―aka "Seb"―of the popular filmmaking blog cinema5D, the videos encompass the production and post production process that went into the making of a short film set in the Swiss Alps and entitled Running into the Air. Not intended merely as a dry step-by-step or just an excuse to show off some pretty pictures, the videos focus on the practicalities of a real shoot. In particular, they demonstrate how to get great shots while working around the limitations of a small-sensor camera, shooting under available-light conditions. We hope you enjoy!

Part I

In the introductory part, Wöber covers what to think about when shooting―considerations not only about the right time of day to get the best light, but also how to operate the drone safely.

Part II

In Part II, Wöber tackles working around some of the Zenmuse X3's quirks in post, offering a number of useful tips to help clean up footage and really give it professional polish.

Part III

In this final installation, Wöber shows us how to put the finishing touches on our work, including how he got those stunning contre jours in spite of the Zenmuse X3's limited dynamic range.


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