HDSLR Educational Series


This series of educational videos from B&H provides a crash course for shooting filmic video with an HDSLR camera. Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut, ASC, demonstrates the formidable capabilities of the Canon 5D Mark II, but many of the fundamentals that are discussed will provide insight into the HDSLR category in general.

In Episode 1, you’ll learn how to optimize your menu settings for video production.

Episode 2 explores some of the challenges and solutions for shooting video on a stills camera.

Episode 3 surveys lens choices and explains the qualities that make a lens suitable for motion pictures.

Episode 4 dives into the often bewildering world of camera support rigs, filters and other essential elements of a starter kit.

Episode 5 offers some tips and tricks for an efficient data management workflow.

Episode 6 introduces viewers to the “New Language” of the HDSLR revolution.

Finally, Episode 7 discusses picture profiles and the importance of choosing a profile that will best suit whatever color grading you might plan to do in post.

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Shanes DSLR series has been the most useful information for series movie makers. Thanks to B&H for recruiting Shane for this series. Samples of his work shot with the Canon DSLRs are simply beautiful to look at. I wish Mr. Hurlbutt the most success in his quest for alternative ways to tell stories using DSLRs along side some of the more expensive gear.