iSteadi: Shooting Video on Your iPhone with the Steadicam Smoothee


Steadicam experts Frank Rush and Dan Ikeda visit the B&H Event Space for a demonstration on how to use the Steadicam Smoothee to shoot better videos. The Smoothee does just what its name implies: it helps make hand-held videos smoother, and it was designed to work without the complicated calibrations required by some other gimbal rigs. This video features basic instruction on how to operate the Smoothee and includes tips on more advanced techniques. Test footage showcases the great results that even newbies can achieve with the Steadicam Smoothee.

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Excellent, excellent and excellent presentation on using the "smoothie." Coming from the still world of frozen in time images and being new to video I can really appreciate a good presentation of the how to's to accelerate my learning process.

I am using the Gopro Hero 3 black cameras, two of them and they are an exceptional product as is yours.

I recently picked up the Redrock Cobalt housing for the two cameras and that adds some considerable weight which the "smoothie" does not do well with. Also adding a mic to the housing again creates a balance issue.

So here is my question, I like the Merlin 2 but it is out of the budget range for the time being. Is their a way to compensate for the additional weight on the "smoothie?" Or do you have a less expensive system that might do the job?