Tutorial: Weekend Warrior Filmmaking - Part 2


In this second and final part of the Weekend Warrior Filmmaking series, Kelby Media explicates some very affordable options for camera support—both rigs and tripods—and lighting. As the series focuses on making cinematic productions with affordable DSLR cameras, special attention is paid to shoulder-mount rigs for handheld use.

Lighting is a proposition that's daunting to many neophyte filmmakers, so this video presents some very affordable, basic options for both on-camera or (better) off-camera use. For the latter application, the Kelby Media team quickly runs through the concept of three-point lighting. To top it all off, the video serves as the world premiere for a cinematic short that Kelby was able to shoot in a matter of a few hours, using the very gear that's showcased in this series. 

Tutorial: Weekend Warrior Filmmaking - Part 1

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