Tutorial: Weekend Warrior Filmmaking - Part 1


In this first part of a two-part series, Mia McCormick, of Kelby Media, walks through the basics of putting together a cinematic gear kit for those of you who want to create compelling movie magic on a budget. Capturing sound and images is paramount to filmmaking, of course, so this episode focuses on the camera and audio equipment you might choose.

Vibrant colors, fine details and shallow depth of field are all hallmarks of cinematic imagery. Many of today's entry-level DSLR cameras are capable of providing all those elements, and for their Weekend Warrior filmmaking project, the team has chosen the Canon EOS Rebel T4i. Almost equally important is good audio, which DSLRs are not built to capture. For that reason we take a look at a shotgun mic, in both an on-camera configuration and on a boom pole, as well as a separate audio recorder that allows you to monitor the sound you're capturing.

Tutorial: Weekend Warrior Filmmaking - Part 2

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VERY useful to even some of us who do it during the week. The presenter is clear, concise and knowledgeable. It's a no-nonsense presentation with specifically referenced equipment suggestions. I'll look for part 2. Thanks, B&H.

At end of video, you should scroll the names/details of the equipment recommended. If you want to "check it out" and have not made a note of the manufacturer/model as Mia speaks, you either don't bother or have to view the video again.

All the items are listed with links in the sidebar next to the video.

Super informative wtrinig; keep it up.