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    B&H Wedding Event: Joe Buissink

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    Storytelling with Joe Buissink

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    First Look with Joe Buissink

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    Detail Shots with Robert Harrington

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    Wedding Glamour With Robert Harrington

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    Photojournalistic Approach with Mel DiGiacomo

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    Lighting with Moshe Zusman

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    Gear Bag with Moshe Zusman

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    Posing with Moshe Zusman

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    Engagement Sessions with Ryan Brenizer

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    Your Style with Ryan Brenizer

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    B&H Wedding Event: Mel DiGiacomo

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    B&H Wedding Event: Moshe Zusman

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    B&H Wedding Event: Ryan Brenizer

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    B&H Wedding Event: Tim Grey


  • Shopping List 2014

    As the weather warms and the days grow longer, the first thing that pops into many people's minds is that summer is drawing near...Read More >>

  • Canon L-Series Lenses

    Lens selection is a highly personal choice for most photographers. Client base, shooting style and cost all factor in directly when you're deciding how to build a kit intelligently. Read More >>

  • Nikon Lenses

    The lens market is a broad one, and building a collection for wedding work is not always easy. After factoring-in your shooting style with opinions from professional colleagues and resources...Read More >>

  • Belt Systems for Camera Slingers

    When it comes to carrying your gear through a fast-paced, day-long event, there’s certainly no shortage of options. Backpacks and shoulder bags have long been the professional event photographer’s staple...Read More >>

  • The Key To Creative Image Control

    Whenever you open, select, or edit the digital images you’ve shot, or creatively correct or enhance them using post-production software such as Photoshop or Lightroom, you are relying on a display device...Read More >>

  • Transporting Equipment in Comfort

    Wedding photographers carry a lot of gear. Multiple lenses, camera bodies, flashes and accessories are all part of the wedding professional’s kit. It‘s cumbersome (and risky) to try to balance the heft... Read More >>

  • Working with a Photo Assistant

    Some wedding photographers work without an assistant; others say they can’t do their job effectively without one. How do you decide if or when you need an assistant? Read More >>

  • Macro SLR Lenses with Image Stabilization

    A macro lens is an important tool for a wedding photographer. Perhaps not as crucial as capturing the kiss at the altar or the daddy-daughter dance, a close-up of the rings, flowers or candle being lit... Read More >>

  • Essential Gear for Savvy Wedding Pros

    Wedding photography has become an extremely popular and lucrative specialty. First and foremost, a wedding is a grand, unrepeatable, emotionally charged event at which expectations run high,...Read More >>

  • Nailing the Important Shots

    For a beginner, few things seem more intimidating than photographing a wedding. A sense of anxiety is perfectly normal if you haven't yet spent much time in the field... Read More >>

  • Lens Selection for the Wedding Photographer

    Many hobbyists reach a turning point in their craft when they decide to pursue wedding photography seriously. With the transition to pro comes the task of updating your lens kit accordingly... Read More >>

  • Professional Printers for Photographers

    As a professional photographer, you have many options for printing the photos you shoot. The kind of printer you choose is based not only on the type of photos you make and who your clients are...Read More >>

  • B&H Wedding Guide: Video Workflow

    There is a first time for everything, and if you have your mind set on producing a wedding video, you will encounter plenty of “firsts” within that initial wedding weekend...Read More >>

  • Beginner Videography

    Event videography is a booming trade, and as a result, this line of work offers great opportunities for beginners to acquire their first professional experiences...Read More >>

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