What is the model of this camera?

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The camera shown above is a Canon 7d.

It is the original Canon 5D

thats a Sony A7s

Sony A7 or A7R or A7

Canon 5D (Classic)

That looks like a 5d mkiii.

Canon 7D

Sony a7

Sony 7S

canon EOS 650

Sony a7

Impossible to ne any A7, they are all mirrorLESS :)


Canon 50D

I digress. It is a 5D classic

It is a Canon 5D Mark 2



Samsung NX1

Canon 7D Mark II

I suspect it is a Canon EOS 650 (1987) or an EOS 620  (1987). It looks too thin to be a DSLR and there is obviously a mirror. The top dial is consistant with an EOS camera as are the contacts inside the len mount.

Could it be the Black Magic Pocket Camera?

Canon EOS 7D Mark II DSLR

Sony A7s

It's an original 5D. It has to be a DSLR because it's got a USB port.

You can tell it's a 5D by the placement of the four ports (flash sync, remote, USB, video out).

I'm saying 7D. It's deffinitly not a Sony a7. Judging by the mirror. . .

This is a Canon 5D classic, the first. Look the connectors: http://a.img-dpreview.com/reviews/CanonEOS5D/Images/connectors01.jpg

could be a nikon body

Canon 5D III, mount has no marking for APS-C lenses.

Canon 5d

The lack of anywhere to put film rules out a film camera. The strap mounts rule out any Nikon (ever) and the mirror rules out any Sony digital camera. It also does not look good enough to be a Pentax. After that, the lack of an HDMI port on the left says Canon 5d. 

Canon 7d mkII!

Canon's DF wanabe. Possiblly gona be name after A-E1? While there's a mirror, it cannot be a mirrorless like sony or fuji. It also seems like it has a EF mount. The way that the command wheel is behind the shutter it have strong Canon resemblance, especially those 5D and 6D like flat strap eyelet. Retro body style. It have to be Canon's DF wanabe.

The new 5D mk IV

Its a 70D

The old CanonEOS5D

Canon 5d mack 3

Sony a7s

sony a7

Canon 6D

Classic Canon 5D

This câmera is Sony a7s!

5D mark II

Canon EOS 620

Sony A7s

....Not A7s/A7r/A7, Df, 7D, original 5D, Samsung, BMPC...

It ***** to be an older model of camera since it doesn't have a headphone port (so that eliminates (full frame cameras mostly) new 5Ds, and most Sonys, Canons, Nikons).  

Neither is a Sony (a- or e- mount) due to the connection pins.  Nor is it Nikon because of the same reason. It IS a CANON, though, because of the pins.  

What Canon it is, I cannot tell...

Sony Alpha 7

It´s a Canon 5D inner construction

Nikon df

From the lens pin-out, this is a Canon. From the position of the neck strap slots, the grip toggle, the IR port, and di-opter adjuster, Canon 5D Mk III

Canon 5D Classic. 

Minolta film camera

Canon 5D Mark III