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Logic Studio Pro 8 and Apogee, with a live performance by New York artists, Aaron Nevezie and Natalie Walker

Speakers: Tony Cariddi and Don Peebles featuring Aaron Nevezie and Natalie Walker* as the Performers

Apple and Apogee have taken audio production to new heights with integrated solutions offering both the best software production tools and the best audio conversion. Come out to see Don Peebles from Apple and Tony Cariddi from Apogee demonstrate new features of Logic Studio Pro using Apogee hardware to record, edit and mix a live performance by New York-based artists Aaron Nevezie and Natalie Walker. At the end of the seminar watch how easy it is to post the performance as podcast that all attendees can download.

Apogee converters give you the highest quality in AD/DA conversion. Apogee is also the only solution that is integrated right into Logic Studio and Logic Express, Soundtrack Pro, and GarageBand. Control every aspect of your Apogee hardware and, at the same time, get the best analog to digital and digital to analog conversion available.


  • Audio editing, featuring new features such as snap to transient selection
  • Multi-take recording
  • Quick Swipe comping
  • Single-window layout
  • Simplified preset navigation
  • New stereo and surround mixing features
  • New plug-ins, new sample content, and hundreds of new presets

Whether you are a beginner to recording audio, veteran Logic user, or are using another workstation altogether, don't miss this opportunity to learn how the Logic + Apogee solution empowers, simplifies and increases your productivity.

*Aaron Nevezie and Natalie Walker Bios:

Aaron Nevezie is a highly talented Brooklyn, NYC based musician, producer and engineer. Aaron’s ambitious approach to creating music has resulted in his ability to achieve tranquil dream-like melodies evocative of psychedelic pop and down-tempo instrumentation. He has also played guitar and bass on numerous recordings and toured extensively through the US with artists such as Nicole Atkins (Columbia), Natalie Walker (Dorado), Ambulance Ltd (TVT), Tama Waipara and Spielerfrau. In 1997 the album 'Take Me With You' co-led with Chris White was awarded Jazz Album of the Year.

Natalie Walker is an artist whose lilting, melodic voice and lyrical reveries reflect a life journey of determination and self-discovery. With musical influences ranging from Alison Krauss to Portishead, Jewel to Lauryn Hill, Beth Orton to Bjork, the former lead singer of downtempo electronic group Daughter Darling now delivers her own unique, haunting sonic landscape that is at once organic, ethereal, elegant and entrancing.

Date: Tuesday, January 29th
Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm