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  • Author: Kurt Lancaster
  • Paperback: 202 Pages
  • Publisher: Focal Press
  • Publication Date: May 2014
  • Capturing & Editing Raw Video
  • Choosing Gear to Post Production
  • Interviews with Professionals
  • Behind-the-Scenes Case Studies
  • Companion Website
More Info

This book Cinema Raw: Shooting and Color Grading with the Ikonoskop, Digital Bolex, and Blackmagic Cinema Cameras from Focal Press is a guide to capturing and editing raw video. The author, Kurt Lancaster, field tests each camera, discusses the importance of shooting raw, and guides you through the color grading process.

The book includes interviews with professional filmmakers that have used these cameras in the field. Also included are behind-the-scenes case studies, recommended gear lists, and full color post-production workflows. A companion website provides additional resources that will further your understanding of raw cinema.

Part I: Getting the Raw Deal
  • Introduction: What Camera to Choose? What Story To Tell?-DSLRs, RED, Sony, and the Promise of Cinema Raw With the Next Generation of Low Budget Cinema Cameras
  • Creating a New Paradigm: Behind the Scenes in Creating Low Budget Cinema Cameras
  • Is There Really a Difference When Shooting Raw? A Case Study in Shooting Compressed versus Shooting Raw
  • Film Gear for Raw Filmmakers: A Low-Budget List
  • Part II: Raw Production Case Studies
  • On-camera Features and Menu Selections of Raw Cinema Cameras
  • One Small Step: Shooting with the Digital Bolex D16
  • Shooting with Blackmagic's Digital Cinema Camera
  • Shooting with Ikonoskop's A-Cam dII
  • Shooting with Weisscam's T-CAM
  • Part III: Raw Postproduction
  • Postproduction Workflow-Getting the Footage onto the Computer and Editing with Raw
  • Color Correcting and Color Grading with Raw
  • Conclusion-The Future of Low Budget Digital Filmmaking
  • Author Kurt Lancaster
    Format Paperback
    Pages 202
    Publisher Focal Press
    Date Published May 2014
    ISBN Number 9780415810500