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This is a Lowel Scandles Eight Fluorescent Tube 5300° Kelvin compact fixture with fluorescent tubes, collapsible cone intensifier and front diffuser. Today's shooting arena requires the ability to adapt quickly to changing conditions such as choosing daylight or tungsten and using harder or softer light.

Lowel Scandles is the only multi-tasking fluorescent fixture designed for quick and easy choice of light size and quality, by quick change of accessories.

Its unique cluster arrangement of lamps make a whole new set of options possible for adding accessories to shape and direct the output.

Variable Output
  • 200 Watt daylight or tungsten balanced light output from eight-lamp cluster
  • Lamps switched in pairs for easy dimming without color shift
  • Efficient
    Produces 50 lumens per Watt
    Lamp Options
    Uses either 24W (12") or 18W (8') compact fluorescent lamps. (mfg. avg Life: 10,000 hours)
    Input Voltage Auto-setting dual-voltage input 120-230V AC
    Lamps 8- 5300° K 24 watts
    Ballast Flicker free high effiency internal
    Mounting Mounts to any standard 5/8" stand or stud
    Weight 11 lbs (5 kg)
    Dimensions 20 x 11 x 8" (51 x 28 x 20.3 cm)
    Lowel Scandles 192 Watt Fluorescent Fixture with 8 Tubes, Reflector Cone - 5300 Degrees K (120-230V AC)
  • Collapsible Cone Intensifier For Scandles Light
  • 8 x Fluorescent Lamp - 24 Watts/5300K - 12" - for Scandles
  • Integral Universal Speed Ring
  • 16' 120VAC Power cord with Line Switch
  • Two Year Manufacturer's Warranty