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From the Audix Fusion series comes the F50 dynamic handheld cardioid microphone. The element features a dynamic moving coil and it's cardioid polar pattern prevents unwanted, off-axis noise caused by monitors, additional instruments, room ambiance etc. The F50 features a frequency response of 50-16kHz providing mid-range presence and slight bass proximity. It's dynamic element is designed to handle very high levels of gain without distortion while providing over 20 dB of off-axis audio rejection. It's internal pop screen effectively reduces "poping" and sibilance noise, while the cast zinc alloy body and steel mesh grill provide adequate protection and durability.

Cardioid Polar Pattern
The Cardioid polar pattern effectively reduces noise from the off-axis sections of the microphone head, resulting in effective feedback rejection.
Tailored Frequency Response
The frequency response accentuates the mid range resulting in a warm natural response for vocal or instrument applications.
High SPL
The F50's dynamic element is capable of handling high volume levels without distortion.
Rugged Construction
The zinc alloy body and steel mesh grill provide adequate, road worthy protection of the microphone element.
Transducer Dynamic
Polar Pattern Cardioid
Frequency Response 50Hz - 16kHz
Maximum Input Sound Level not specified by manufacturer
Power Requirements not applicable, dynamic elements do not require power
Output Impedance 250 ohms
Output Connectors 3-pin male XLR
Dimensions Not Specified by Manufacturer
Weight 11 oz / 312 grams
Audix F50 - Fusion Series Cardioid Dynamic Handheld Microphone
  • Zippered Carrying Pouch
  • Nylon Mic Clip
  • 5-Year Warranty