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Waves - Transform Native Bundle
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The Transform Native Bundle from Waves provides four processors that "push the envelope" in sound transformation. With these plug-ins the user is able to shape time, pitch, instrument sound, presence, rhythmic contour, dimension and punch.

The Renaissance Axx plug-in is also included.

Note! Requires an iLok if one is not present on the system.

Transform Native Bundle Content:

SoundShifter is for anyone who wants to shift pitch or shift time and the duration of audio tracks while preserving the punch, groove and transients. The final output retains the clarity and timing accuracy of the original and displays a lack of artifacts and distortion.
Morphoder is for any musician or audio engineer who needs vocoding type effects. The vocoder is easy to use and create new worlds of tone and articulation. It allows the user to superimpose the tone and volume characteristics of any input sound upon the internal synthesizer module or any external instrument.
Doubler is for any musician or audio engineer who wants a double tracking effect. The plug-in uses delay and pitch modulation to create a new class of sounds. Unlike other delay and pitch modulation processors this one specializes in the double tracking sound that is great on polyphonic instruments and full mixes.
TransX Transient Shaper
TransX allows a sound engineer or musician to shape the transients of tracks. This processor brings innovative ways to rhythmically control signals in order to preserve and restore the "life" of the tracks. Unlike traditional compressors that offer control of ratio, attack, release, frequency, the plug-in focuses on two aspects of the signal, the transients and sustain-decay and then allows for control of each.
Renaissance Axx
Specifically engineered for guitar, the plug-in is the ideal compressor for musicians and engineers who need to dial in dynamic levels quickly. Features a fixed ratio curve, automatic release value, and an output limiter to prevent clipping. Includes, Input, Output and Attenuation meters.
System Requirements
Mac G5 Dual 2GHz or Intel Dual Core 1.83GHz
OS X 10.4.8 or 10.5
1024 x 768 32-bit minimum display resolution
Host application that supports RTAS, AudioSuite, Audio Units and VST plug-in formats
PC Pentium IV 2.8GHz/AMD Athlon XP 3GHz
Windows XP 32-bit SP2/Vista 32-bit
1024 x 768 32-bit minimum display resolution
Host application that supports RTAS, AudioSuite and VST