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Coronado - T-Max 60 - Doppler Tuning Unit
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The T-Max 60 from Coronado is used to de-tune a SolarMax filter towards the blue end of the H-Alpha line. This is accomplished by changing the angle at which the light passes though the etalon. The wavelengths produced by high-velocity events such as active flares and coronal mass ejections (CME) can Doppler-shift and become invisible to an H-Alpha tuned system. The T-Max unit allows the user to adjust the system slightly to make these phenomena more visible. This T-Max unit is designed to be used with Coronado's 60 mm SolarMax filter.

The T-Max is designed to be placed directly behind the SolarMax filter. It is comprised of two black plates, set screws, and a knurled knob. When the knob is adjusted, the two plates separate. One plate remains parallel to the telescope's objective cell while the other creates an angle between the etalon and the objective cell. The resulting angle is <0.7° - a greater angle would place the filter completely off-band. The T-Max unit is designed to deliver the optimal view within its range of adjustment.

Designed specifically for use with 60 mm SolarMax filters
Coronado T-Max 60 - Doppler Tuning Unit
  • Limited 5 Year Warranty