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Paterson Interfit Pro-Range square softboxes are available in three sizes, all producing an even spread of light both vertically and horizontally. The removable diffusion face allows you to change from soft lighting to sharp contrast in seconds.

This is a 40 x 40" square softbox for use on a Paterson Interfit, or other studio strobe. Suggested usees: Half-length 1 -2 person portrait, 4 x 4' still-life set up.

The internal diffuser ensures that all the softboxes produce very even corner-tocorner illumination.
Made from heat resistant material that makes the suitable for flash or halogen lighting.
Size 40 x 40" (100 x 100 cm)
Shape Square
Compatibility Strobe or "hot" lights
Removable Front Face Yes
Removable Interior Baffle Yes
Accepts Grids Yes - contact Paterson for expected availability
Requires Speed Ring See This Item's Accessories Section, or
Click Here for Speedring Reference Charts
Interfit Pro-Range Softbox - 40x40" - Requires Adapter Ring
  • Set of Wands
  • Front Diffusion Panel
  • Internal Baffle
  • Carry Bag

    Note: Speed Ring is required, and must be ordered separately