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Aviom - A16II - Personal Monitoring Mixer
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The Aviom A-16II is the remote personal headphone/line mixer component of that company's highly innovative Personal Monitor Mixing System, for studio, installation and live use.

An unlimited number of A-16II mixers may be connected, via standard Category 5 network cables, at distances of up to 500 ft. from the source, receiving up to 16 channels of audio from the A-16T system transmitter. The transmission protocol is called A-Net, a proprietary, high speed, Ethernet-based network technology, developed by Aviom as a means of moving audio without using data compression or introducing perceptible latency.

Each of the A-16II channels avails the user of true stereo mixing possibilities, with individual panning, tone, solo, mute and volume control. All parameters may be saved to one of the 16 user preset locations, with full Recall and Grouping. The mix is then passed through a 24-bit D/A converter to the 1/4" stereo phone output, driving headphones, in-ear monitors, floor wedges or spot monitors with a clean, intense output of up to +20 dBu. A wide variety of headphones, with impedances ranging from 30 to 600 Ohms, may be used.

Another break-through aspect of the A-16II, and Aviom products in general, is the pricing, which, considering the quality, flexibility and sophistication of the various system components, is amazingly reasonable. Made in the USA, by the way.

16-Channel remote personal monitoring headphone or line mixer with individual channel select buttons
16 User Preset memory locations
Dedicated memory Recall and Group buttons
High gain headphone or line level output, low, imperceptible 880 micro-second latency from analog in to analog out
24-Bit D/A conversion
True stereo mixing with adjustable panning; 5-segment LED readout for Pan control
Master Volume control, dedicated channel Volume control with 12-segment LED level readout
Global Trim 6 dB level attenuator function
Master Treble and Bass tone control knobs
Dedicated mute and solo buttons
Desktop/music stand surface mounting or mic stand mounting with optional stand adapter
Multi-voltage power supply support for international use
Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio -103 dB(Ref. 0 dB)
Analog to Digital Converter No
D to A Converters 24-Bit
Channel Separation Not specified by Manufacturer
Maximum Input Level 1.0 Watt @ 100 Ohms
Impedance 140 Ohms(Line, Headphone Outs)
Input Pad Switch No
Output Level +20 dBu(Maximum)
Input Connections 1 x RJ45 Category 5 cable connector
Output Connections 1 x RJ45 Category 5 cable connector
1 x 1/4" Stereo Phone
Input Cable 1 x Category 5 Cable
Power Requirements External DC Power Supply:
100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 30 VA(Input)
24 VDC, 0.5A(Output)
Battery Life Not Applicable
Limiting No
Equalization 1 x Treble Control Knob, +/-9 kHz Shelving
1 x Bass Control Knob, 160 Hz Shelving
Personal Mix Control 1 x Master Volume Knob
1 x Channel Volume Knob with LED's
1 x Pan Control Knob with LED's
1 x Solo Button
1 x Mute Button
1 x Recall Button
1 x Group Button
16 x Channel Select Buttons
Dimensions 10.75 x 5.6 x 2.25" (273.05 x 142.24 x 69.85mm)
Weight 3.4 lb (1.54 kg)
Aviom A16II - Personal Monitoring Mixer for Aviom Monitor System
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty