In-house Memory Installation & Testing Service

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Select In-house Additional Computer Memory Installation and Testing when you want B&H to do the installation of additional memory - when purchased on the same order of the computer.

The Additional Memory Installation and Testing is done by a certified technician in our Computer Service Center, so that it is assured that the original manufacturer's warranty on the computer continues on throughout the warranty period.

This item doesn't include software installation. If you also need software installation use B&H item code # BHWEBPCC.

Note: The only warranty on the additional memory is the warranty provided by the manufacturer of the additional memory.

Certified Technician
The install is done by a certified technician who knows the do's and don'ts of installation, so that the manufacturer's original warranty on the computer continues on and doesn't get voided by unwanted moves.
Expert Testing
Testing is done on the computer to check if the system recognizes and allocates the additional memory.
Get to Work Immediately
The Installation and Testing will allow you to start working on your new computer as soon as you get it.