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The Eartec TCS Intercom Power Station supports up to 6 wired headsets for full communication flexibility. No beltpacks are required, as volume control, amplification, and mute switches are all built into TCS headsets. Housed in a rugged plastic console, the power station can take the rigors of field work with ease.

It operates in full-duplex mode, offering full hands-free simultaneous talk among all stations. The unit is portable, but can also be permanently installed. It is powered by either the included 12 volt battery, or by AC power.

Note! The system can be expanded to support up to 12 users by adding a junction box per each additional user.

Support for 6 Wired Users (Up to 12 with Added Junction Boxes)
Rugged Plastic Housing
Full Duplex Mode
Portable or Permanently Installable
Battery or AC Powered
Eartec TCS 6-User Wired Intercom Station
  • 12 Volt Lantern Battery
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty