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Pantone - HueyPRO Colorimeter
B&H# PAHCP Mfr# MEU-113
Product Highlights
  • Accurate Monitor Color Calibration
  • USB Interface
  • Professional Grade Optical Sensors
More Info

Designed for calibrating and profiling all types of monitors (LCD and CRT), The Pantone HueyPRO Colorimeter includes ambient measurement capabilities, and software for monitor calibration. HueyPRO corrects the color on your monitor so photos and designs print more accurately, game graphics are more intense and movies are more true-to-life. Plus. the HueyPRO adds additional color patches to the calibration process for improved precision and accuracy over the original Huey.

Easy-to-use right out of the box, the HueyPRO adapts your monitor for changing room lighting and applies your personal preferences for viewing accurate color all of the time. The HueyPRO supports multiple monitor calibration to achieve color fidelity between all displays on your system and ensure accurate onscreen representation on all of your displays with User-defined Whitepoint and Gamma targeting. There is also an Advanced Help Feature that walks you through the calibration process. With detailed explanation into color science and calibration, as well as output options, the HueyPRO gives you the choice of a quick and easy color correction or an in-depth understanding of the science behind it.

Achieve True Color from Monitor to Print.
What you are seeing on screen and in print isn't necessarily accurate - it all depends on your display. The color performance of monitors and printers change over time - phosphors and liquid crystals fade causing the display to drift into unknown colors. hueyPRO calibration brings those mysterious colors back into the open, allowing accurate color to be displayed.
Ambient Light Measurement
Embedded with a high-precision sensor, huey automatically measures the ambient light within a room for a higher level of precision calibration. Even after the calibration process, huey will observe the light falling on the display and automatically adjust the screen brightness for accurate onscreen viewing any time of the day.
Multiple Monitor Calibration
Achieve color fidelity between all displays on your system with multiple monitor calibration. Through multiple monitor calibration, you ensure accurate onscreen representation on all of your displays.
Advanced Help Feature
The Advanced Help found in hueyPRO walks you through the calibration process, and provides detailed explanation into color science and calibration, as well as output options.
User Defined Whitepoint and Gamma Correction
Tune your calibration to a specific output destination or try different settings to see what works best for you with the ability to choose your own combination of Whitepoint and Gamma targeting in calibration for customized profiling.
LCD Contrast and Brightness Control
Take control of your LCD Contrast and Brightness by visually tuning the controls to your custom viewing environment. Previously only available for CRT calibration, you can now calibrate your Contrast and Brightness on any LCD display with the appropriate controls.
Lightweight and Portable
THe hueyPRO is the smallest colorimeter on the market, allowing for easy portability, fitting nicely into most camera bags with other essential accessories needed for use in the field.
Free Technical Support
Pantone color experts will provide free technical support for the life of the product.
System Requirements CRT or LCD Monitor
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7 (32- or 64-bit modes); Mac OS X 10.3 or higher
USB Port
Pantone HueyPRO Colorimeter
  • HueyPRO Software CD-ROM
  • User Guide
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty