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Exclusively through B&H, this Shure Antenna and Power Distribution Package is intended for use with the Shure SLX and ULX wireless microphone systems. Choosing an antenna distribution system is often challenging, and this package is compiled to eliminate the confusion associated with wireless microphone antenna and power distribution.

Power and antenna distribution is simply a convenient and efficient way to use multiple wireless microphone systems in a single setting. The Shure UA874US distributor is capable of sending a conditioned antenna-signal (RF) to four ULX or SLX receivers, from a single pair of Shure UA874US wideband antennas. The result eliminates the need for multiple antennas and provides clear, interference-free reception. Furthermore, a single distributor will power up to four wireless receivers, eliminating bulky power cords and preserving electrical outlets for additional gear.

This package will distribute antenna signal and power to 4 Shure ULX or SLX wireless microphone systems. Included with this package is a single UA844US antenna and power distributor, a pair of UA874US wideband antennas and two antenna cables. Also included are two 13-inch goosenecks, two podium flange mounts and two multi-position C clamps for permanent and mobile antenna mounting. This exclusive package is an ideal and efficient solution for running multiple Shure ULX or SLX wireless microphone systems in theaters, schools, houses-of-worship, conferences and more.

Note! Take a look at Shure's Effective Antenna Set-up Guide  for more valuable information on wireless antenna setup and distribution.

Shure UA844US Power and Antenna Distribution System
A single Shure UA844US will effectively distribute antenna-signal and power to up to four Shure SLX and ULX receivers.
Shure UA870WB Antennas
Two Shure UA870WB wideband UHF antennas are included for clear, reliable diversity antenna reception.
Accessories for Mobile and Permanent Antenna Mounting
Included in this package are two gooseneck mounts, two podium flange mounts and two multi-position C clamps for fixed and mobile antenna mounting.