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Accessory Details

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Pearstone - Foam Windscreen for 1-3/8" Diameter Microphones (Black)
B&H# PEWSBR35 Mfr# 8101080
Product Highlights
  • Fits the Shure SM58 and More
More Info

This Pearstone Windscreen is designed to fit various microphones with a 1-3/8" diameter head, the same size as most handheld vocal microphones like the Shure SM58. It's effective in any situation where you need to minimize wind noise and plosive sounds.

This windscreen will fit:

Shure: SM58, Beta 58, SM48, VP64, PG57, SM62, SM78, SM85, SM96, PE45, PE47, PG56, 515BSL, 533, 565, 588, 869, BG1.1, BG2.1, BG3.1, BG6.1, L2/58, PE5, PE9, PE25, PE35

Sennheiser: MD46, e835, e845, e855, MD408, MD430, MD431, MD908, SKM1030

Electro-Voice: 635N/D, 658, 671B, 681, 1776B, 1777A, D056/L, DS35, PL11, PL76B, PL77A, PL80, PL88, PL91A, PL95A, RE30, RE34, RE36N/D

AKG: C12VR, C505, C535, CE5, CK5, D120, D124, D160, D170, D202, D230, D320, D327, D541, D1000, D1200, D2000

Audio-Technica: AT804, 811, 813, 814, AT816, 817, 836, 873, AT4054, AT4055, ATM10, ATM11, ATM21, ATM63, ATM89, ATM810, MB2000, MB3000, MB4000, T32, T36

Beyerdynamic: M1, M2, M69, M88, M130, M160, M200, M411, M412, M600, MC728, MCE80

Crown: CM200, CM310

Peavey: PAA350, PVM835, PVM880, Celebrity, PV

Telex: H12D, VH12D

Diameter 1-3/8"
Construction Foam
Pearstone Foam Windscreen for 1-3/8" Diameter Microphones (Black)
  • Foam windscreen