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Celemony - Melodyne Sound Library guitar
B&H# CEMSLG MFR# 12-41153
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Add legendary guitar sounds to your library with the Sound Library (MSL) guitar from Melodyne. This collection includes around 1,000 phrases and licks designed exclusively for use with Melodyne technology.

The guitars involved are
Kai Reuter performed with a Fender Stratocaster and a Rockinger Strat (both with EMG pickups), a Gibson ES 335 stereo, a Yamaha APX7 acoustic guitar, and a Steinberger with TransTrem and EMG pickups. He used the following amplifiers: a Fender Twin, a JMP1 Marshall preamp, a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier, a VOX AC30 and a Rivera Bonehead recorded with Sennheiser E609 and Audio Technica AT4040 microphones
Andreas Jaeger playing jazz material using an Epiphone Imperial Regent. All the funk phrases were played by Joerg Putzig and are derived from the Ueberschall VLP120 production. The other guitarists featured are Dirk Rogon, Johannes Uhlmann and Hanz Marathon
Navigate through samples with elegant drag'n'drop simplicity where you can not only see waveforms, but also the notes of the material
Shares sounds with the Ueberschall Liquid Instrument "Guitar", performed by Kai Reuter, Dirk Rogon, Johannes Uhlmann and Hanz Marathon, recorded by Uwe Kinast, edited and optimized for Melodyne by Harkan Turkozu and Bassim Aziz-Safi
Compatibility Melodyne studio or Melodyne cre8