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  • You Pay: $169.00
Product Highlights
  • Quick Viewing-Digiscoping Exchange
  • For Cameras w/o Filter Threads
More Info

The Razor HD Digital Camera Adapter is a nearly-universal camera adapter designed to mount your point-and-shoot camera to a Vortex Razor HD series spotting scopes.  A portion of this bracket attaches to the body of the scope and the rest of it holds on to the camera, easily attached and detached from the portion that remains on the scope.  This design allows you to use your scope's eyepiece as normal when not digiscoping, and be ready to take pictures in just a few seconds.

The physical placement of the camera on the bracket is not affected by disconnecting from the scope.

As with all attempts at digiscoping, patience and skill are required.  It certainly helps to have a cable release or remote control for your camera.  If your camera has manual focusing control and manual exposure control, force the focus to infinity and use a shutter speed no slower than 1/125th of a second.  A tripod (or other support with pan/tilt head preferred) is absolutely necessary.

Extensive vertical and horizontal bracket adjustments accommodates most "deck of cards" shaped cameras
Open-back body of bracket does not interfere with camera operations
Variable fore and aft adjustment between your camera and the scope's eyepiece
Best results achieved when scope's set to lower magnification for the broadest possible exit pupil diameter
Vortex Razor HD Digital Camera Adapter - DCA
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty