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Designed to satisfy the needs of small scale installations, the American Dynamics AMMPLT32 MegaPower LT 32x8 Matrix Switcher (NTSC/PAL) offers 32 video inputs and 8 video outputs. The switcher has DirectSet function that enables you to change dome camera settings through an on-screen selection or a keyboard command; you do not need to access the dome menus for this purpose. It is a small system that can be fixed at different spots - be it on walls or under the desks - as per your convenience.

With the MegaPower LT, you can establish 16 tours of video inputs which can be run both in forward or reverse modes. The tours can include multiple presets and patterns from a single camera or a single video input multiple times. The switcher enables you to program alarm inputs to call any video input to one or multiple video outputs. At the same time, you can assign a camera, alarm title, event message, preset, keyboard sound level and/or auxiliary action for each alarm. Through the ADnet (RS-485) and RS-232 communication protocols, you can control fixed and variable-speed domes, auxiliary outputs, presets, and patterns at suitably equipped camera sites.

The MegaPower LT restricts unauthorized menu access which is passcode protected. Keeping the hierarchical issue in view, the system provides three levels of menu access - administrator, supervisor, and operator. The administrator is the only one to get access to the alarm and installer menus. In order to deal with video loss, the MegaPower LT comes forth with a "Video Loss Camera" message as soon as you select such a camera.

The global alarm settings of the MegaPower LT feature three response modes - Acknowledgement, Transparent, and Timeout. The Acknowledgement response remains active from the time an alarm is triggered until an operator clears the alarm manually. The Transparent response continues until the alarm contacts come back to the resting state or get cleared manually. The Timeout response exists until the expiration of the timeout period as specified in the menu or until it is cleared manually.

The alarm settings also feature five display modes. The display mode 'None' does not bring about any changes to the display whereas the mode 'Last' displays the last alarm received until it is cleared. The 'Stack' display mode keeps a response on the way if all the alarm monitors are full. The display mode 'Switch' shows the first triggered response on all the alarm monitors and displays the next response on all alarm monitors once the earlier one is cleared. The display option 'Rotate' switches the triggered response to all the alarm monitors. This mode displays each response in a cycling sequence in case of multiple responses.

The MegaPower LT allows you to configure each of the monitors to display alarm messages, date/time, video input numbers, monitor numbers, 16 character user-definable video inputs, and event messages. You can set the display to either a 12-hour clock or a 24-hour clock. In addition, the date can also be set in a format of your convenience as the device offers three different date formats i.e. MM/DD/YY, YY/MM/DD, and DD/MM/YY. The 'daylight savings' option enables you to adjust the clock as per the time zone or according to your preference.

DirectSet function allows dome settings to be easily changed
16 sequences/tours
ADnet (RS-485) and RS-232 communication protocols
Password protection for menu entry
128 views (camera/preset and camera/pattern)
Supports up to eight keyboards with priority settings
Network up to three matrix systems on an ADnet (RS-485) bus
Dome ping test
System partitioning
Video loss detection on all channels
Alarm titles
Five alarm display modes
Three alarm response modes
Send alarm messages to other networked matrix systems
255 event messages
Embedded menu support for English, French, Spanish, German and Italian
16 x 4 or 32 x 8 models
Looping inputs, auto terminated
Supports SensorNet or AD-Up-The-Cable (AD-UTC) dome protocols
Controls RS-422 domes using the SensorNet to RS-422 converter
Supports FSK coaxial telemetry
Signal System NTSC/PAL
Video Inputs BNC x32 (looping)
Video Outputs BNC x8
Control Ports RS-485/RS-232
One 8-pin Modular RJ-45 jack (expandable)Optional Port Expander extends the RS-232 port to 4

1 port, 1 connector (16 inputs) or 2 ports, 2 connectors (32 inputs) through 5-pinpluggable Eurostyle terminal screw connectors
Control Protocol SensorNet
32 devices per port at a maximum distance of1 km (3,000 ft) on one 22 AWG unshielded twisted pair (UTP)

16 devices at a maximum distance of 1.2 km (3,900 ft) on shielded/screened Cat5 wire or better or Belden 8761 or equivalent

700 m (2,300 ft) on 20 AWG RG59/U coax (Belden 8281 or equivalent) or URM70 cable

FSK Telemetry
350 m on 20 AWG RG59/U coax — Baxall, Vista and Dennard domes (via DAX)
Alarm Inputs 4 Connectors (16 inputs) or 8 connectors, (32 inputs) through 5-pin pluggable Eurostyle terminal screw connector
Alarm Outputs 1 connector, 1 output (16 inputs) or 2 connectors, 2 outputs (32 inputs) Form-C relays through 3-pin Eurostyle terminal screw connectors
Power Requirements 12VDC (power supply included)
Power Consumption 2A
Operating Temperature 0 - 104°F (0 - 40°C)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 17.5 x 3.5 x 7.3" (445 x 90 x 185mm)
Weight 10.4 lbs (4.7kg)
American Dynamics MegaPower LT Matrix Switcher - 32x8
  • Power Supply (120/230VAC-12VDC)
  • 1-Year Warranty