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The American Dynamics Standard Bay for MegaPower 3200 System 120VAC incorporates a video switching bus along an internal backplane having 16 lines. A standard bay could either be 'mixed' or 'dedicated'. A 'mixed' standard bay would contain both Video Input Modules (VIMs) and Video Output Modules (VOMs), while a 'dedicated' standard bay would contain either VIMs or VOMs. This system switches up to 3200 video inputs for cameras and up to 256 video outputs for monitors. The system manages its 3200 video inputs by dividing them into 13 camera groups, with each group being handled by a switching bay. The 256 video outputs are managed by being divided into a maximum of 16 groups, with each group being identified as a monitor level.

The number of bays used in a matrix, their use, and number of components in each bay is determined by the number of video inputs versus video outputs required. The Standard Bay contains an integrated power supply module which supports the bay by converting AC to DC power. It also has a plug-in Data Buffer Module that performs a video signal amplification function and, when necessary, even filters associated data.

3200 video inputs for cameras
256 video outputs for monitors
Integrated power supply module
Plug-in data buffer module