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Westcott - DVD: Quality of Light: Studio Lighting
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In this DVD portfolio, James Schmelzer will show you how he can create a variety of different lighting techniques using Westcott Light Modifiers. Topics include:

  • Female Portrait Lighting
  • Male Portrait Lighting
  • Hi-Key
  • Bathing Beauties
  • Glamour Techniques

    Master Craftsmen Photographer James Schmelzer explains the theory of studio lighting techniques. Topics include what makes lighting soft, how to determine the correct distance of your main light from the subject, light depth of field, how to produce specular highlights, feathering the light, how to work with one light and a reflector, a five light set-up, a high-key light set-up and glamour lighting.

    Expand your lighting knowledge with Master Craftsman Photographer James Schmelzer in this 45 minute DVD about Indoor Lighting Techniques. The basics of lighting such as what makes it soft and determining correct distance between your main light and the subject are presented then expanded into more detailed techniques.

    Schmelzer will teach you light depth of field, how to add specular highlights, and feathering the light. You'll soon be comfortable with a one light set-up with a reflector, five light set-up, high-key and glamour lighting.