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accesoriesPopup miniDet-witb-655700-REG
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Rob Papen RP-Verb is a professional reverb software plug-in for both Mac and Windows operating systems. RP-Verb runs native on popular host DAW software, and delivers professional quality reverb at a cost effective price. User control over early reflections, tube saturation, dry / wet amount and ensemble will customize professional grade reverb algorithms to suite your needs.

Main Section

Dry / wet control with FX bypass button
HQ Mode on/off
ECS (external controler setup)
? key brings up the 'Quick Manual'

Preset Section

Uses sound banks composed of 128 presets.
Preset handling with copy, paste, clear and compare function. 'Quick Browser', 'Recently Browsed' and 'Favorite' functions
Presets are stored in clear categories banks


Tube saturation distortion
Amount control


Multi voice chorus
Amount control
Routing into reverb or direct + reverb
Volume control

Early Reflections

Complex Early reflection algorithm
Routing into reverb or direct
Length / damping / feedback / side-feedbak / cross-feedback control
System Requirements VST2.4, AU and RTAS plug-in for PC (XP/Vista 32/Vista 64/Windows 7) and Mac OS-X 10.5 > (IntelMac+ppc)