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The Letus35 Talon K1 (Kit 1) is designed for use with the Hawk or third-party viewfinders. It consists of a standard talon quick release baseplate, stainless-steel L-bracket, and 90mm stainless-steel rod extensions (female threaded on each end).

The baseplate's back is ported to receive standard male threaded support rods (15mm), which allow you to easily mount accessories behind the camera. You can easily release your camera from the support rods for capturing still images or packing up your gear. The kit also gives you an option to attach the Letus Hawk viewfinder to the Talon baseplate or to the quick-release camera plate, so that the viewfinder remains with the camera or the support rods.

Designed for use with Hawk viewfinder or third-party viewfinder
Talon quick-release baseplate
Talon / Hawk camera plate
Stainless-steel L-bracket
90mm stainless-steel rod extensions
Ported baseplate for rear 15mm rod extensions
Adjustable rod clamp
Ratcheting thumb screws
Vertical and horizontal rod adjustments
Letus35 Talon K1 (Kit 1)
  • Talon Quick Release Baseplate
  • Talon / Hawk Camera Plate
  • Stainless Steel L-Bracket
  • 90mm Stainless Steel Rod Extensions
  • Adjustable Rod Clamp
  • Ratcheting Thumb Screws
  • Vertical and Horizontal Rod Adjustments
  • Ported Baseplate for Rear 15mm Rod Extensions
  • 1-Year Warranty