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Accessory Details

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Pearstone - 4 Hour Battery Charger with LCD Display for (8) AA or AAA Batteries
Product Highlights
  • Handles 8 Batteries (AA and AAA)
  • Individually Monitored Channels
  • Easy to Read LCD Display
  • Auto Shut-Off
  • Includes DC Cord for Car Travel
  • Microprocessor Controlled
  • Auto Charge Circuit Protection
More Info

Pearstone AA-8LCD 4 Hour Battery Charger with LCD Display - This 8-charger unit is unique in its design in that it can handle both AA and AAA batteries at the same time. With built-in circuit control, the system can first discharge your batteries and then charge them without fear of overcharging or burning them out.

The unit has individual charge indicators which continually monitor the progress of the charge and which will shut down when the battery is filled. Batteries in this unit can be charged over 1000x and provide high-performance for high-drain devices.

Note! Batteries sold separately. Actual charging time may vary depending on the cell's discharge level, capacity and condition. Longer charging time may occur when the charger is used in temperatures above 95°F (35°C)

Eight Charging Indicators
8 individual LCD indicators show the charging status of each battery
Patented Technology
Allows you to charge different size or different capacity batteries simultaneously
Automatic Charge Current Selection
Automatically selects charging current for AA or AAA batteries
Reverse Polarity Protection, Alkaline and Bad Battery Protection
Protect your batteries and the charger from damage when batteries are installed incorrectly
Automatic Timer Shut-Off
The special automatic shut-off circuit senses when batteries are fully charged and automatically stops charging
AC Adapter and DC Cord
Powered by an external AC adapter for indoor use or by a car lighter plug from 12V car DC while you are traveling
Intelligent microprocessor control can fully charge batteries and prevents overcharging
Delta Voltage Protection
Allows you to charge batteries fully
Safety Timer
Also prevents batteries from overcharging
Unique Discharge Function
Allows you to refresh the batteries before charging
Chemistry NiCD or NiMH
Charging Time (approx)

CapacityType (NiMH)Left Side 1-2 CellsLeft Side 3-4 CellsRight Side 1-2 CellsRight Side 3-4 Cells
850mAhAAA0.8 hrs1.6 hrs0.8 hrs1.6 hrs
1000mAhAAA1.0 hrs2.0 hrs1.0 hrs2.0 hrs
2000mAhAA2.0 hrs4.0 hrs2.0 hrs4.0 hrs
2500mAhAA2.5 hrs5.0 hrs2.5 hrs5.0 hrs
2700mAhAA2.7 hrs6.0 hrs2.7 hrs6.0 hrs

Discharge Time (approx)
CapacityType (NiMH)Current (mA)1-8 cells
2000mAhAA20010 hrs
2500mAhAA20012.5 hrs
2700mAhAA20013.5 hrs
Output Voltage 1.5V
Input: 12V, DC, 1.3A; 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Dimensions 7.9 x 3.1 x 1.3" (200 x 80 x 33mm)
Weight Charger: 4 oz (120g) AC adapter: 5.2 oz (147g)
Pearstone 4 Hour Battery Charger with LCD Display for (8) AA or AAA Batteries
  • 8-Bay Charger
  • AC Adapter
  • DC Cord
  • One-Year Warranty