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In 1971, Bob Moog introduced the minimoog, the first compact, portable and affordable synthesizer. With its "fat" sound and unparalleled filters, the synthesizer quickly became known for its analog bass and lead sounds.

Arturia has created the mini V, a faithful reproduction of the hardware. Offering all the features of the original, the software version also adds polyphony, MIDI management and presets.

Behind the control panel are additional functions, including a modulation matrix, an arpeggiator and an independent LFO, as well as a stereo chorus and a delay.

Using TAE, Arturia's proprietary technology for emulating analog circuits, the software offers sharp filters, aliasing-free oscillators and soft-clipping, which results in a convincing analog emulation
More than 1,000 presets
3 voltage-controlled oscillators (with 5 waveforms) and 1 LFO
The 24 dB/oct filter, 1 noise generator, 2 ADS(R) envelopes and 1 VCA
A modulation matrix offers up to 6 different connections (12 sources, 32 destinations)
External audio input for processing audio through the software filters
System Requirements
Mac 2 GHz Intel only CPU
OS X 10.5 or higher
For use as a plug-in, host application that supports Audio Units, RTAS or VST formats
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
For use as a plug-in, host application that supports RTAS or VST formats