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Accessory Details

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Magma Bags - Switchbox 2 Digital DJ Patchbay Switcher
Product Highlights
  • Patchbay Switcher for 2 DJ Interfaces
  • Supports 2 Different DJ Interfaces
  • Allows for Seamless System Changes
  • Noise-Free Grounding
  • RCA Connectors
  • Compact Enclosure
More Info

The Magma Switchbox 2.0 Digital DJ Patchbay Switcher is an ideal solution for busy nightclub DJ booths, broadcast studios, recording studios, performance rigs and more. The Switchbox 2.0 is a patchbay and switcher for up to 2 different (or like) digital DJ interfaces. The Switchbox 2.0 easily allows for seamless, uninterrupted switching between 2 digital DJ systems, as well as simultaneous playback between both systems.

Serato and Native Instrument (and other third party) interfaces coexist alongside turntables, CD decks, digital decks and more. Switching digital laptop systems does not interrupt signal from turntables and digital decks because the connections are not made on the mixer itself. The Switchbox 2.0 is also ideal for connecting a pair of 2-channel mixers for battle-style competition DJ rigs.

Designed by Skullyleo
Developed for DJs that work with digital DJ-Systems like Serato, Final / Traktor Scratch, Mixvibes etc
Problem-Free connection of two digital DJ-Systems/Laptops to a usual DJ-Set
Each turntable can be connected independently to either the mixer (regular Phono or CD) or to one of the two DJ Systems. Meaning 4 different signals (Laptop A, Laptop B, Phono and CD) can be assigned and played on each of both mixer channels
Both digital systems can be controlled with Timecode Vinyl (Mode 1) as well as with Timecode CDs (Mode 2)
No buzzing because of star-shaped ground arrangement
Furthermore, buzzing, (that results from ground loops like they occur when several Interfaces are used in a row), is avoided, because the SWITCHBOX assures a star-shaped ground
Less disturbances while playing regular vinyl, because the Interface is not part of the direction of signal
Magma Bags Switchbox 2 Digital DJ Patchbay Switcher
  • 1 Year Warranty