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accesoriesPopup miniDet-witb-711721-REG
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The Bigblue Battery Charger for TL / VL Lights enables you to charge and recharge the Ni-MH / nickel-metal hydride battery pack in your Bigblue Technical Lights/TL and Video Lights/VL. It is a smart charger, featuring a Hi-Lo switch, allowing you to quick-charge and standard-charge your batteries. Recharging is easy--simply open the battery pack's front lens and insert the end into the charger.

Technical Lights: TL-1 x 30W LED, TL 9P LED, TL 6P LED, TL 3P LED
Video Lights: VL-2 x 30W LED, VL 1300 (1 x 30W LED)
Recharging Time Standard Charge: 210 min at 0.9A, 100 min at 1.8A
Quick Charge: 60 min