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The SolarMax II 40mm Double Stacking Filter from Coronado is a 40mm H-Alpha narrowband filter with RichView tuning. It is designed for use with Coronado's SolarMax II 40mm telescope. This filter is 'double-stacked' onto the telescope's existing front filter to allow a more narrow bandpass decreasing it from <0.7 â« to <0.5 â« - this results in a dramatic increase in visible details such as prominences and surface features.

The SolarMax II Double Stacking Filter includes RichView tuning which allows direct tuning of the primary etalon filter.

This filter is not a stand-alone unit - it must be combined with a primary SolarMax filter and blocking filter or a complete Coronado SolarMax, or PST, telescope.

Note! Please note: this filter CANNOT be used as a stand alone solar filter. Immediate and irreversible eye damage may result.

For use with the SolarMax II 40 mm solar telescope
Lowers the bandwidth of the SolarMax II 40 mm from <0.7 Å to <5.0 Å
Provides increased visibility of surface detail and active regions on the Solar disc
Coronado SolarMax II 40mm Double Stacking Filter
  • 5-Year Warranty