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Accessory Details

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Product Highlights
  • Supply Regulated 12V Power in the Field
  • Cable Connects Battery & Mini Converter
  • V-Mount Lithium Battery w/ 90Wh Capacity
  • PB70C Charges Battery in 4-5 Hours
More Info

This B&H kit puts together three Switronix products: an XP-L90S V-Type 14.4VDC Lithium Battery, a PB70C PowerBase Charger, and a Powertap BlackMagic Converter Cable. The kit is designed to be an end-to-end power solution for 12V devices with field applications, such as the BlackMagic Mini Converter HDMI to SDI.

From the battery, the cable inputs unregulated 11-17V DC power via its Power Tap (P-Tap) connection, and outputs regulated 12V power to devices that require it, such as a BlackMagic Design Mini Converter. The Powertap cable also features a female P-Tap to supply 11-17V DC power to an additional device.

The XP-L90S is a V-Mount (Sony-style) Lithium Ion battery that supplies 14.4V DC power and features a 90Wh capacity. The kit's included PB70C PowerBase (9-250V AC) fully charges the battery in 4-5 hours.