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Accessory Details

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  • You Pay: $399.00
Product Highlights
  • White Grid Diffuses Effect
  • Black Grid Concentrates Effect
  • Tunnels and Concentrates Light
  • Controls Spill Light
  • Fits V2 and Original Demi
More Info

The Mola Demi 22" "Beauty Dish" Reflector has a patented design that captures and focuses light with maximum efficiency. This set of  Mola Polycarbonate 20° Black and White Grids for the Demi V2 22" Reflector offers maximum control over the light beam from this unique source.

While both rigid grids tunnel the Demi’s output, controlling spill and confining it to the areas you want, the black grid has a crisper look than the white and a harder edge fall-off. The white grid offers a softer edge transition, effectively feathering it.

Instead of wasting your time flagging off unwanted spill light you can fix either grid to the reflector in seconds. Each snaps in via a spring tab and is further secured by 4 touch-fastener tabs.

  • Designed for Mola's Demi and Demi V2 Beauty Dish
  • 20° light diffusion Pattern
  • 1/8" (3.17 mm) circular cell diameter that creates perfectly round light diffusion patterns
  • Pull tab for easy beauty dish removal
  • Grid secured by four point touch-fastener attachment system
  • Spring clip for tension fit (contact us for other securing options)
  • Dimensions Diameter 22" (5.88 cm)
    Grid cell diameter: 1/8" (3.17 mm)
    Weight 10 lb (4.53 kg)
    Mola Polycarbonate 20° Black & White Grid Set for Demi V2 22" Reflector
  • Polycarbonate 20° Grid for Demi V2 22" Reflector (Black)
  • Polycarbonate 20° White Grid for Demi V2 22" Reflector
  • 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty