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The Vitek VT-MD-2VOC Secondary Video Output Cable allows you to view the video from the Mighty Dome / VT-PTZ10 cameras on a display.

For use with Mighty Dome and VT-PTZ10 cameras
Compatible Indoor Mighty Domes:
Vitek VTD-MH2910, Vitek VTD-MH922, Vitek VTD-MX2910, Vitek VTD-MX922, Vitek VTD-MX2910/922-WDR
Vandal Mighty Domes:
Vitek VTD-MVH2910, Vitek VTD-MVH2910DN, Vitek VTD-MVH2910/IP, Vitek VTD-MVH2910DN/IP, Vitek VTD-MVH922, Vitek VTD-MVH922DN, Vitek VTD-MVH922/IP, Vitek VTD-MVH922DN/IP, Vitek VTD-MVX2910/922-WDR, Vitek VTD-MVX2910, Vitek VTD-MVX2910DN, Vitek VTD-MVX2910/IP, Vitek VTD-MVX2910DN/IP, Vitek VTD-MVX922, Vitek VTD-MVX922DN, Vitek VTD-MVX922/IP, Vitek VTD-MVX922DN/IP
IR Mighty Domes:
Vitek VTD-MVH2910/L35, Vitek VTD-MVH922/L35, Vitek VTD-MVX2910/L35, Vitek VTD-MVX922/L35 WDR Mighty Domes:
Vitek VTD-MX2910/922-WDR, Vitek VTD-MVX2910/922-WDR PTZ Cameras:
Vitek VT-PTZ10
Vitek VT-MD-2VOC Secondary Video Output Cable
  • 3-year Warranty