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This simple item serves a very practical purpose. The Zacuto Z-Finder 16 x 9 Sun Mask is used with the Z-Finder to cut back the amount of light that reaches the EVF screen or camera LCD. By doing so, the Sun Mask lessens the possibility of sun damage to these screens.

The Z-finder 16 x 9 Sun Mask lessens the amount of sunlight passing through the Z-Finder to the EVF screen or camera LCD
Lessens the likelihood of having sun damage on your EVF or camera LCD screen
This does not protect 100% so users must still use the lens cap when working outside every time the Z-Finder is not in use
To install, simply take off your eyecup and anti-fog shield. Place anti-fog shield on the lens and then place the 16 x 9 sun mask on top of the ant-fog shield. Make sure the sun mask is centered. Re-install your eyecup and you are ready to shoot