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Accessory Details

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  • You Pay: $6.79
Product Highlights
  • Multiple-Layer Coating Against Scratches
  • Anti-Smudge Coating Against Fingerprints
  • Anti-Reflection Coating Enhances Viewing
  • High Image Transmission
  • Minimizes Chance of Damage to LCD
  • Adhesive Layer / Easy to Attach
More Info

This is the Kenko LCD Monitor Protection Film (iPod Touch 4). This film offers maximum protection against fingerprints, smudges and other incidental damage to your LCD. It features an anti-reflection coating to minimize flare while increasing viewing comfort and image transmission. The hard coating of this film is comprised of multiple layers and is easy to apply. Easy to remove tabs make application fast and easy.

The actual LCD film is slightly smaller than the LCD monitor of your camera or electronic device for ease of attachment. For best use, try to attach it when centered on your LCD monitor.

Note: Kenko assumes no responsibility for damage to camera LCD monitor while using this film

Multiple-layer coating against scratches
Anti-smudge coating against fingerprints
Anti-reflection coating enhances viewing
High image transmission
Minimizes chance of damage to LCD
Adhesive layer/easy to attach
Applied by an easy "peel and stick" method