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Accessory Details

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  • You Pay: $49.00
Electronic Download ? This product must be downloaded from the Manufacturer's website. You should receive the license code to complete your order within 1-3 business days. Orders placed on Weekends or Holidays are processed the next business day.
Product Highlights
  • Add-On for Max 6 Visual Flow Programming
  • Create Complex Audio Synthesizers
  • Build Particle Physics Generators
  • Codebox and GenExpr Text Syntax
  • Export Audio Code to C++ DSP Code
  • Export Code to Open GL Shading Language
More Info

The Cycling '74 Gen Add-On for Max 6 Software (Educational License) is the discounted educational license for students and teachers of approved institutions of the Gen code generating plug-in for the visual flow programming language Max 6. The software allows you to create powerful video, audio, and jitter matrix objects within the Max 6 programming environment.

For audio, Gen allows you to use low level operations to build complex synthesizers, noise generators, and other instruments. Using delay operators, you can construct single-sample feedback filters, physical modeling algorithms, and feedback-driven FM synthesizers. In addition to the visual drag and drop flow programming language of Max, Gen's Codebox allows you to enter text based code in GenExpr syntax from other audio programming languages such as C. You can easily combine procedural scripting code with data flow code to prototype new audio code and explore concepts in digital signal processing.

For video, Gen enables you to build particle physics generators, mesh geometry with jit.gen, and management tricks of your matrix data. You can put together complex visual effects with objects and patching interfaces. These effects can be compiled in real-time to Open GL Shading language (GLSL). Using the Codebox and GenExpr syntax, you can combine text and visual flow programming languages to create complex visual effects.

Gen includes the ability to export your audio as C++ DSP code, which can in turn be used to create audio plug-ins, iOS applications, or incorporated into larger projects. For visual effects, you can export Gen code as GLSL to use with real-time 3D graphics applications, WebGL, and OpenGL ES apps. The flexibility to work with visual flow, text based coding, and export your code into other formats opens up the possibilities to create innovative multimedia installations.

Mac System Requirements (Intel) OS X 10.5 or later
Jitter requires Quicktime 7.1 or later
OpenGL-compatible graphics card
OpenGL 1.4 (or later)
Windows System Requirements Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 with Pentium 4 or Celeron compatible processor or higher
Jitter requires Quicktime 7.1 or later
OpenGL-compatible graphics card
OpenGL 1.4 (or later)
ASIO-compatible sound card for optimum audio performance
Software Requirements Max 6 Visual Programming Language