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Accessory Details

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Letus35 - Pro Camera Base with PL Mount for Panasonic AF100 / AF101 Cameras
Product Highlights
  • Includes Micro 4/3 PL Adapter Mount
  • Designed for Panasonic AF100 / AF101
  • Hard Anodized Coating
  • Adjustable Tripod Mount Plate
  • Ported for 0.59" (15mm) Rods
  • Ratcheting Thumb Screws
More Info

The Pro Camera Base with PL Mount for Panasonic AF100 / AF101 Cameras from Letus35 includes the Letus Pro Camera Mount and the Letus Micro 4/3 PL Adapter Mount. This Camera Base is designed to fit the Panasonic AF100 / AF101 Camera. It can be configured in many ways to suit your shooting needs.

The Pro Camera Base, although designed for the Panasonic AF100 / AF101 Camera, can also be used on a wide variety of cameras such as the Sony PMW-F3 and Sony FS100. It is CNC milled from high grade aluminum and features all aluminum or stainless steel construction for durability.

The Pro Camera Base supports Letus35's telescoping support rod system for easy matte box positioning. A stainless steel PL lens support can be affixed directly to the baseplate for supporting heavy cine lenses on Letus35's custom PL mount.

The Letus Micro 4/3 to PL Mount is designed to work with the Pro Camera Base. It overcomes the task of setting your lens back focus via shims and serves as a simple, back focus adjustment ring. All you have to do is rotate the precision-machined ring and lock it down at your desired back focus point.

This PL Mount also allows you to attach an Angenieux zoom lens to your Panasonic AF100, GH1 or GH2 camera. The mount flange is carved out of high-grade stainless steel and the internal housing is matte coated to eliminate internal barrel glare.

Pro Camera Base

100% custom milled from billet aluminum and stainless steel
Hard anodized coating
1/4" and 3/8" configurable camera thread plate
Adjustable tripod mount plate
Ported for 0.59" (15 mm) rods
Ratcheting thumb screws
Compatible with Panasonic AF100, Panasonic AF101, Sony PMW-F3 and Sony FS100 cameras

Micro 4/3 to PL Mount

Built in back focus adjustment ring
Matte internal barrel coating for anti-glare
Stainless steel support bracket for pro base
Smooth lens release / lock ring
Internal housing is matte coated for anti-glare
Compatible with micro 4/3 cameras such as the Panasonic AF100, GH1 and GH2
100% custom made from aluminum and stainless steel
Letus35 Pro Camera Base with PL Mount for Panasonic AF100 / AF101 Cameras
  • Letus Micro 4/3 PL Adapter Mount
  • Lifetime Warranty