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alm - mCAM for iPhone 3G/3GS
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The mCAM for iPhone 3G/3GS from ALM is a sturdy aluminum mount designed to provide enhanced stability when shooting video or images with an iPhone 3G or 3GS. An added function of the body is that it provides a housing for your iPhone to reduce the chances of an accidental tumble while you're shooting on the move.

The mCAM comes with a 37mm wide angle/macro combo lens that increases the shooting range of your iPhone. Use the wide angle for indoor shots where you need to achieve a wider field of view, or the macro when you want to get extreme close-up images. The mCAM also comes with a 180-degree external microphone that improves the sound quality of your videos; you can capture directional sound from whatever you're shooting.

Using the cold shoe accessory mount, you can attach external light sources and microphones. Plus, there are four 1/4"-20 tripod mounts that allow for additional media equipment attachments such as tripods, crossbars and other stabilizing tools. The provided silicone is designed specifically for your iPhone 3G/3GS and prevents shaking while shooting.

Billeted aluminum mount has the weight and stability to steady your iPhone 3G/3GS while shooting
Body provides a housing to keep your device safe while shooting on the move
37mm wide-angle/macro combo lens increases the shooting range of your iPhone
180-degree external microphone improves the sound quality of your videos and allows you to capture directional sound
Four 1/4"-20 mounting points allow you to situate your iPhone 3G/3GS on a tripod
Cold shoe mounting point for use with lights or microphones
Silicone case fits snugly into the mCAM and prevents movement or shaking while shooting
Compatibility iPhone 3G
iPhone 3GS
Material Billeted aluminum mount
Silicone case
Lens 37 mm wide angle/macro
Mounts 4 x 1/4"-20 mounts
1 x cold shoe accessory mount
alm mCAM for iPhone 3G/3GS
  • Billet Aluminum Body
  • 37mm Wide Angle/Macro Combo Lens
  • 180-Degree External Microphone
  • Silicone Case
  • Accessory Bag
  • 30-Day Warranty