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Rollei/AGFA - ATO2.1 25 ISO Advanced Technical Ortho Supergraphic 35mm Film (36 Exposure)
B&H# ROAT23536 Mfr# 42330121
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This is a roll of ATO2.1 25 ISO Advanced Technical Ortho Supergraphic 35mm Film from Rollei. This film is an excellent choice when you wish to copy line drawings or high contrast prints. It is characterized by a super fine grain structure, excellent tonality and controllable contrast (depending on the developer dilution). The film is produced on a clear, 100 micron synthetic base.

Note! This film is spooled by the manufacturer in non-DX coded cartridges; Maco is the actual owner and manufacturer of this film. They purchased the Rollei and Agfa names and formulas. This item may be sold under different names but it is the same film.

Low sensitivity - ISO 25
Good for high contrast prints
Super fine grain
Excellent tonality
Type 35mm black and white lith film
Speed ISO 25
Applications High contrast line photography
Process To achieve higher contrast with this film, it is recommended to develop with Rollei RLC developer diluted 1:4. To get higher contrast with tougher gradation, use Rollei RHS developer diluted 1:7 or Kodak X-Tol; RSL Superlith
Color Saturation Not Applicable
Grain Extremely fine
Sharpness High
Exposure Latitude Narrow
Push/Pull Not Applicable