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This is a roll of 35mm, 36 exposure Superpan 200 Film from Rollei. This film is based on AGFA's AVI PAN 200 B&W Aerial Film and can be used at moderate altitudes to achieve stunning landscape and scientific images. It's nature allow it to cut through atmospheric haze without the need of additional filtration. For scientific and industrial use, this film can be used to plot graphs or in stereo imagery.

The film approaches the infrared spectrum with a sensitivity of 750nm. Results are very fine grained and show excellent sharpness and superb contrast. Exposure can be varied from ISO 125 to 200.

Note! Film labeled with expiration date and batch code; Maco is the actual owner and manufacturer of this film. They purchased the Rollei and Agfa names and formulas. This item may be sold under different names but it is the same film

Color sensitivity into the near infra-red range,
up to 750nm
Panchromatic negative film for technical, industrial and aerial photography
Very fine grain and high sharpness
Can be exposed as a 125 to a 200 ISO film
Type 35mm black and white negative film
Speed ISO 200
Applications Aerial photography assignments from low to medium altitudes, for gathering, interpreting and processing information intended for cartography, inventory purposes and exploration studies
Process Can be processed in a continuous tone processor or by hand
Color Saturation Not Applicable
Grain Very fine
Sharpness High
Exposure Latitude Wide
Push/Pull Can be exposed from ISO 125 to 200