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The Lighting Module (4 DVDs) by First Light Video kit, a part of the Digital Cinema Filmmakers Course, contains everything a student needs to know about pro lighting. When you finish the last DVD of this series you will never watch movies the same way again, knowing that the "Natural Sunset" light inside an apartment is actually tungsten light off a gold reflector and that there is a reason why directors move the actors in specific axes.

10 complete sections devoted to Pro lighting.
Matching your lighting to fire-light, Christmas lights, uncorrected fluorescents, flashlights, candles with light and dark skin tones, work lamps, window lights, office interview, lighting chrome weapons, keying and groups of actors at a card table scene.
Each course builds on the last until students are truly proficient and ready to make that movie or video a success.
All DVDs feature Motion Menus & Instant-Access Chapter buttons.
Length 10 hours, 6 minutes