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Swedish Chameleon - SC3:FFOCUS Video Follow Focus
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The Swedish Chameleon SC3:FFOCUS Video Follow Focus is a one-rod-mount follow focus that introduces a unique belt pull system in place of the traditional gear wheel system. A timing belt, made durably with steel wire at its core, loops around a belt wheel on the follow focus and around the focus ring of a lens. At the turn of the focus wheel, the belt pulls focus accurately without any play.

This system is designed for still lenses, as although the belts have a pitch, it isn't the .8 pitch that cinema lenses have, and pulls are achieved by friction alone. The system works with all still lenses but requires an added component for those that have aluminum focus rings, (such as those from Zeiss, which all have aluminum focus rings). The added component is a lens rubber. It looks like a thick rubber band and it wraps tight around the focus ring to outfit it with the grip that aluminum lacks. The timing belt then loops around the lens rubber and achieves with it the friction necessary. The lens rubber comes included as do three belts -- a small one, a medium and a large.

For cinema lenses, you can optionally interchange the belt system for Swedish Chameleon's "SC3:Gear 44" gear wheel system. Or, you can use the belt system, but the focus will be "too accurate" as the rotation will require more turns than usual.

A major benefit of the belt system is that you don't have to keep the follow focus right next to the camera. You can mount it on a rod elsewhere on your rig and use an XXL or XXXL belt, sold separately from the three included ones, to connect the follow focus with the lens. These extra large belts will support a notably greater distance than is common.

The three different sizes of belts allow compatibility with lenses of all sizes. The follow focus has two belt wheels for the belts, letting you loop around either one and thus letting you position the follow focus where it's more comfortable for you on the rod. The follow focus is additionally versatile in being angle-adjustable and reversible for changing focus direction. It's compatible with 15mm rods, features a standard-size whip/crank socket and comes with a nylon marker disk, and is made in high quality of aircraft-grade aluminum. Even the gears inside the gearbox are aluminum.

Accurate Focus without Any Play
  • One-rod-mount follow focus with a unique belt pull system in place of a traditional gear wheel system
  • Works with any diameter still lens, and with cinema lenses by an optional SC3:Gear 44 gear wheel
Rod Compatibility 15 mm
Lens Compatibility Works with any diameter still lens
Works with cinema lenses by optional SC3:Gear 44 gear wheel
Material Follow-focus: aircraft-grade aluminum
Timing belts: polyurethane compounds with steel wire cores
Swedish Chameleon SC3:FFOCUS Video Follow Focus
  • SC:BELTKIT "SML" Timing Belt Kit for SC3:FFOCUS Follow Focus
  • Nylon Marker Disk
  • 5-Year Warranty