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Accessory Details

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  • You Pay: $58.50
Product Highlights
  • Charges 1-8 AA/ AAA NiMH/ NiCd Batteries
  • Charging Time: 3.6-4.6 hr
  • Delta-V Microprocessor for Full Charging
  • Discharging to Refresh Batteries
  • 8 LCD Charging Indicators
  • AC Adapter: 100-240V for Worldwide Use
  • DC Adapter for Car Charging
  • 8x NiMH Batteries Included
  • 1.2V Output Voltage, 2300mAh Capacity
  • 2x Storage Case for 4 Batteries Includ.
More Info

This kit from B&H consists of a Watson 8-Bay Rapid Charger for AA / AAA NiMH or NiCd Rechargeable Batteries with eight 2300mAh Watson AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries. Charging time is 3.6-4.6 hr. Eight individual LCD indicators give the charging status for each battery.

The charger's intelligent microprocessor doles out the full charge to each battery while preventing overcharging. The Safety Timer with Automatic Timer Shut-Off senses when batteries are fully charged and ceases charging. Automatic Charge Current Selection chooses the optimal current for the included Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries, each of which has a capacity of 2300mAh and an output voltage of 1.2V.

Reverse Polarity Protection and Alkaline and Bad Battery Protection safeguard the charger and batteries against damage when batteries are installed improperly. The discharge function enables you to refresh batteries before charging. The charger is powered by an included external AC adapter with switching 100-240V power for worldwide use, or by the supplied DC adapter for use in your car. The batteries can be charged up to 1,000 times and are mercury- and cadmium-free.

The kit also includes two plastic Watson battery cases that each hold up to 4 AA or AAA batteries in dedicated slots. The case has an extremely compact form factor for easy storage in your pocket or a small compartment in your gear bag. The case has a snap closure and features an attachment point for connecting a second identical case, which could in turn be connected to another to create a chain, giving you an easy expansion option for storing more batteries.