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Alesis - StealthKick 2 Pack Kick Pedal and Compact Trigger Combo
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The StealthKick 2 Pack Kick Pedal and Compact Trigger Combo by Alesis is a MIDI kick trigger solution that combines the Pro X Kick bass drum pedal and the StealthKick 2 kick trigger pad. The StealthKick 2 Pack is designed to fit into the small spaces and crevices of existing drum or percussion rigs that are often cluttered by drums, stands and other hardware.

The StealthKick 2 Trigger Pad unit uses piezoelectric technology to trigger your MIDI drum module (not included) to play drum sounds or other samples as you step on the kick pedal. The trigger pad is also equipped with a non-skid traction tape to help keep it in place while you are playing. It is housed in a metal chassis that is designed to resist wear and tear and heavy playing. For a double bass drum configuration, the trigger unit also includes a 1/4" link jack that allows two StealthKick 2 units to be connected together.

The Pro X Kick drum pedal is designed to allow for adjustments to be made for customizing to your own drumming. To optimize feel and playability, the pedal's stroke length and spring tension can be adjusted and refined to fit your personal style of play. The pedal's double-chain drive and the Toothless X Cam are designed to make for a rugged mechanism, yet deliver smooth playing action at the same time.

1/4" trigger output designed to connect to your drum module, multi-pad, or trigger interface
Inverted beater helps transfer your pedal stroke at full power
Offset hoop clamp designed to make setup quick and easy
Connections 1x 1/4" trigger output
1x 1/4" link input for double bass use
Drive Double-chain drive system
Alesis StealthKick 2 Pack Kick Pedal and Compact Trigger Combo
  • StealthKick 2 Pad

  • Pro X Kick Pedal

  • Inverted Beater

  • 1/4" Cable 

  • Drum Key

  • Allen Wrench

  • Limited-1 Year Warranty